Tangled (Tangled #1), by Emma Chase

Tangled (Tangled #1)
by Emma Chase
Book Blurb:
Drew Evans is a winner. Handsome and arrogant, he makes multimillion dollar business deals and seduces New York’s most beautiful women with just a smile. He has loyal friends and an indulgent family. So why has he been shuttered in his apartment for seven days, miserable and depressed?

He’ll tell you he has the flu.

But we all know that’s not really true.

Katherine Brooks is brilliant, beautiful and ambitious. She refuses to let anything – or anyone – derail her path to success. When Kate is hired as the new associate at Drew’s father’s investment banking firm, every aspect of the dashing playboy’s life is thrown into a tailspin. The professional competition she brings is unnerving, his attraction to her is distracting, his failure to entice her into his bed is exasperating.

Then, just when Drew is on the cusp of having everything he wants, his overblown confidence threatens to ruin it all. Will he be able untangle his feelings of lust and tenderness, frustration and fulfillment? Will he rise to the most important challenge of his life?

Can Drew Evans win at love?

Tangled is not your mother’s romance novel. It is an outrageous, passionate, witty narrative about a man who knows a lot about women…just not as much as he thinks he knows. As he tells his story, Drew learns the one thing he never wanted in life, is the only thing he can’t live without.

Heather’s Thoughts:
So this book got bumped up to the top of my TBR pile because I had to see what everyone was making such a fuss about. This book was getting lots of buzz. So I read it… in one night. I gotta say Wow! The whole book was told from the guys perspective and I still loved it.

This book made me feel a bit like a voyeur. I got to see inside the mind of a womanizer, Drew. He is at the top of his game. He is young, good looking and super successful at his firm. He is the best, and he knows it.

Katherine Brooks is engaged to her longtime boyfriend. She is new to town and is out for drinks with friends when Drew spots her. The guy who never dips into the same cookie jar twice, finds himself unable to get the ting he wants most. But if anyone is up to a challenge… it’s Drew.

Katherine is not even a little bit interested in Drew. How could she be? She’s engaged. And Drew is annoying, arrogant, and a total womanizer. She finds herself wanting to smack him upside the head, but that’s not what she does. Things end up getting just a li.tt.le weird around the office.

This book had me laughing my butt off. I absolutely adored Drew in all his crazy arrogant messed up glory. He refuses to go down and he fights to the very end. The thing that makes this book even better, it was written by a woman. I found myself rooting for Drew and hoping he got the girl.

Here are a few of my favorite highlights from my Kindle…

No, I haven’t fucked her. Not that I wouldn’t love to. Trust me, if she didn’t work for me, I’d hit that harder than Mohammed Ali.- Drew

I have been a naughty, naughty boy for most of my life, and this is my payback. And you know what they say about payback, right? Yep. She’s one hairy bitch.- Drew

But the Anderson thing isn’t over yet. And as I’ve said before—this, my friends, is war. I’m talking DEFCON-one, gloves-off, I’ll-knock-you-down-even-if-you-are-a-girl war.- Drew

What’s that? Yes, I went to Catholic school. You’re surprised? You shouldn’t be. My profanity has a certain religious flavor that can only be learned through a lifetime of Catholic education. Jesus H. Christ…Goddamn it…Jesus, Mary, and Joseph…fucking Christ Almighty…holy fucking shit—and that’s just what we heard from the priests. Don’t get me started on the nuns.- Drew

5 LMAO Stars, read at your own risk (you may wet yourself).


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I am a thirty something wife and mother of two. I read in all of my free time. I can't remember the last time I chose to watch television. I would prefer reading or hanging out online24/7 but one must pay the bills, thus my day job. I like UF but lately have been exploring more erotica and adult romance novels. I love a good Alpha male and I am not afraid of the dark stuff. I like historical romance as well. Sometimes I go for the YA stuff. I'm a sap for a good love story. I prefer a HEA (insert unicorns, rainbows and kittens). Genres I will read: Contemporary Romance and some Historical Romance, Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, and Paranormal Romance.
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