The Art of Control (The Art of D/s #3), by Ella Dominguez

The Art of Control (The Art of D/s #3)
by Ella Dominguez

Book Blurb:

Warning: Contains moderate BDSM themes, graphic sexual encounters, profanity, Dom/me in action, oral and anal sex. Intended for adult readers 18+. Not for the faint of heart or closed-minded individuals.

Having moved on from the terrible events of two months earlier, Dylan and Isa try to move on with their lives. Things seem to be going well as they grow into the roles of their unconventional D/s relationship, each learning the give and take of power and pain, accepting and giving love unconditionally, and respecting each other’s wants, desires and need for control.

But Isa has been fighting with the demons of her past. Recurring nightmares have begun to plague her and fear of the future overwhelms her on a daily basis. Her desire for control and independence prevent her from sharing her deepest fears with the man she loves, threatening to drive a wedge between the couple.

With gentle yet stern prodding from her cherished Dom, Isa confides in Dylan and their bond grows deeper. But their kinky fairy tale existence is all too good to be true when Isabel’s father sets forth a chain of events that will test their love and loyalty for each other, and Isa is forced to decide which is more important – Dylan’s life or her happily ever after.

Heather’s Thoughts:
Dylan and Isa. This story continues to go deeper into their story of love and trust. I should warn you all that this one is a serious tear-jerker!

If you have not read books 1 and 2 stop reading this review now and go read them, otherwise this is just one gigantic spoiler!

Dylan and Isa are now husband and wife. They are continuing to explore their lives in the BDSM culture. Isa has discovered that she is a true switch and Dylan has discovered that he likes to be spanked sometimes. Kinky? Hell yes!

The happy couple are off to Paris for their honeymoon. They have survived a horrible series of events brought on by Isa’s sick and twisted father. He continues to taunt and torment them. While in Paris, he reaches out and starts plucking their strings until they are wound so tight, Isa is afraid she may break.

“What is it about Paris that I just can’t keep my hands off of you?” I ask him in between kisses.
“It has nothing to do with Paris and everything to do with my raw sexuality, baby. I’m fucking irresistible,” he growls just before he shoves his tongue down my throat.
I can’t argue with that.”

Isa has to make a choice, and it is her most difficult one yet. She is stuck between two worlds and she has to find out if she has the strength to save the man she loves, even if it means loosing everything.

This book killed me. Isa, you poor dear. I wanted to hug you and tell you everything would be alright, even when I wasn’t sure if it would be. Dylan, I could have smacked him upside the head. Dylan is just lucky that I love him, because he needs some serious discipline for some of this things he says and does in this book.

“Mistress Isabel ties me down and pushes my limits of pain and pleasure, and I’m the one screaming out her name. True love, power exchange, contentment and most importantly, trust – have finally graced me with their presence and my life with Isa is complete.”

Another great read from Ms. Dominguez! I adore her writing and this series is a classic!



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