Edible (Equisite #3), by Ella Frank- Teaser

Just released teaser from Ella Frank’s new book Edible!!! Looks good!

Click on the image to view to whole teaser on Ella Frank’s page!



“Let go!” Rachel demanded, trying to free herself from Ben’s punishing grip around her upper arm.

“I told you to stop,” he shouted as his fingers dug tighter into her tender flesh.

That’s going to leave a mark, she thought with a grimace.

Spinning around to face him, Rachel glared up into her boyfriend’s irate eyes.

“And I told you not to touch me when you’re angry.”

Ben hauled her in close, and Rachel knew whatever was about to happen wasn’t going to be good.

Twenty minutes earlier, he’d come home in a foul mood. That usually equaled a painful evening in the bedroom for her, but not tonight. Tonight, she was done.

“I’ll touch you whenever I want to touch you. You got that?” he sneered down at her.

Rachel narrowed her eyes and yanked on her arm again. Instead of letting go, he reached up, gripped the other one, and pushed her back against the living room wall. She hit it so hard that the bookcase beside her shook, and she could have sworn her teeth clattered.

“You’re mine, remember? You do what I say.”

Staring up at him, Rachel knew she was risking his wrath, but she could no longer stay silent.

“Not anymore. You’re leaving. Pack your shit up, Ben, and get out of my place! I’m sick of being your punching bag.”

What happened after that became a bit of a blur, like it happened in slow motion.

Rachel saw him raise his hand, and before she could move her face, his large palm connected with her cheek, the brutal force of it resounding in a loud crack. Her face felt like someone had lit it up with a blowtorch.

As she reached up to grip her cheek, she heard the front door crash open. Rachel turned her head against the wall, squinting because of the sunlight shining in from behind the person now standing there, and not to mention, the throbbing ache that was ricocheting up into her skull.

“Take your hands off of her.”

Rachel recognized her father’s voice, but it was filled with a cold anger that she had never heard before. Ben took one step away from her, and her father was instantly on him.

As she crumpled to the floor with the wall supporting her back, she watched through a rapidly swelling eye while her father punched Ben repeatedly in the gut and a few times in the face. Ben pulled himself to his feet and ran from the house, yelling about what a bitch she was and how she had to have Daddy save her.

Her father crouched down in front of her, reaching out to gently cup her cheek.

“What are you doing, baby girl? This is not love.”

Rachel looked up at him, seeing the grim line of his mouth and the same dark hair Mason had inherited, falling forward.

“No man should ever hit you, Rach. Not ever.”

He reached down and pulled her to her feet. Wrapping a solid arm around her waist, he helped her stagger to the sink, wetting a paper towel to dab at the cut on her cheek.

With a quivering lip, Rachel blinked up at him with tears in her eyes.

“Please don’t tell Mase or Mom.”

Her father held her in his arms and softly spoke into her ear. “I won’t as long as you don’t tell them I beat the shit out of him.”

Chuckling a little at that, she kissed his cheek and whispered, “I promise.”



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I am a thirty something wife and mother of two. I read in all of my free time. I can't remember the last time I chose to watch television. I would prefer reading or hanging out online24/7 but one must pay the bills, thus my day job. I like UF but lately have been exploring more erotica and adult romance novels. I love a good Alpha male and I am not afraid of the dark stuff. I like historical romance as well. Sometimes I go for the YA stuff. I'm a sap for a good love story. I prefer a HEA (insert unicorns, rainbows and kittens). Genres I will read: Contemporary Romance and some Historical Romance, Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, and Paranormal Romance.
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