Mark of the Gladiator, by Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane

After an inconvenient display of mercy in the arena, the gladiator Anazâr is pulled from the sands and contracted to nobleman Lucius Marianus to train his new stable of female gladiators. His charges are demoralized and untested, and they bear the marks of abuse. Anazâr has a scant two months to prepare them for the arena, and his new master demands perfection.

Anazâr is surprised by how eager he is to achieve it—far more eager than a man motivated only by self-preservation. Perhaps it’s because Marianus is truly remarkable: handsome, dignified, honorable, and seemingly as attracted to Anazâr as Anazâr is to him.

But a rivalry between Marianus and his brother sparks a murder conspiracy, with Anazâr and his gladiatrices caught in the middle. One brother might offer salvation . . . but which? And in a world where life is worth less than the pleasures of the crowd or the whims of a master, can there be any room for love? As a gladiator, Anazâr’s defenses are near impenetrable. But as a man, he learns to his cost that no armor or shield can truly protect his heart.


Sammy Loves Books’ Review

4 Tragically Beautiful Stars!!! Gladiator Style!!!

Anazar, aka Cyrenaicus


Anazar is a Gladiator and a Roman slave. He’s been tasked to train female gladiatices to fight in the arena. A job he takes seriously, because they will be fighting for their lives. Anazar also lives to please his Dominus, Marianus and takes pleasure in pleasing him sexually. But things start to change when a murder attempt goes wrong. Anazar finds his alliances torn. He must protect his Master, even as he fights to resist his attraction to Felix, Marianus’s younger brother.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” he warned in a whisper, transfixed by Felix’s smothered, glassy expression. “Make a sound, and I’ll stuff my cock down your throat to silence you, and then your pretty hole won’t get fucked at all.” He’d never used words this way with a lover, but Felix inspired him–Felix was his muse…

Felix is the attractive younger brother to Marianus. He drinks, gambles, and parties, pissing away money and causing trouble. He hates Anazar, for he is just another evil gladiator. But Felix learns that Anazar is different from their previous trainer.

You’re perfect. A strong man, a good man . . . oh gods, I don’t want to lose you—”


Felix and Cyrenaicus’ love is doomed from the start. How can a gladiator slave and the brother of his owner find their Happy Ever After? Amidst deception, and murder for hire, these two fight to be with each other, even as they both fight to survive!

Hot tears streaked his face and he didn’t care. He was tired of bearing his slave’s burden with noble, quiet dignity. All he’d worked and strived for, and what had it gotten him? He cast aside the last of his hope of freedom. Gave in to the weight of the chains. Let them anchor him to the dirt.
And wept

I fell in love with Anazar. He was truly a good, loyal man. I was disappointed when Felix turned out to be his love interest. He just didn’t seam worthy on the surface. It took me a while to figure Felix out, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that he did have a very generous heart. This story was full of deceit, and murder. Very few people were what they presented themselves to be. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! I have to say that I was surprised by Felix’s declaration of love to Anazar.

This was my first book by Heidi Belleau, and I look forward to reading many more. The writing and the descriptions were wonderful.



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I believe in living life to the fullest! Goodreads and Reading Haven provide a wonderful forum for discussing books. I have been exposed to amazing novels and authors I would have never known existed. Books are my favorite form of entertainment and I love writing reviews. I mostly enjoy Paranormal and Historical Romances but have recently broadened my tastes to include Dark Erotica and Gay Romance. I'll read any type of love story if a good friend recommends it to me. Recently, I discovered that I enjoy book editing. It's a hobby of mine actually. When I'm not curled up with a book you may find me swimming. I enjoy wine tasting, football, horror and action flicks. I'm tactfully honest with a wicked sense of humor. I believe in treating people with respect and love. I very rarely will give a book 5 stars unless it Wows me and just knocks me off my feet!! Occasionally, however, I will review Monster erotica books and I use a different rating system for those books. Monster erotica can not be judged against, or even compared to Romance novels. 5 Star monster erotica means it was highly erotic (made me want to be the heroine) and very well written/edited. 4 Star monster erotica is steamy but does not melt your panties. It is also well written/edited. 3 Stars means I enjoyed it, but the erotica was not very stimulating. The writing may not have flowed smoothly. 2 star monster erotica is usually very elementary in plot and world building. The sex is not erotic and the love scenes are short and non descriptive. 1 star monster erotica is torturous to read. The monster may stink, the sex is horrendous or painful, and the writing is often bad, with poor or no editing. So when you see a 5 star rating on a monster sex book, just know that scale has a Very different standard. Follow My Reviews at
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