Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark #1) by A. Meredith Walters

Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark #1)
by A. Meredith Walters

Maggie Young had the market on normal. Normal friends, normal parents, normal grades…normal life.

Until him.

Clayton Reed was running from his past and an army of personal demons that threatened to take him down. He never thought he had a chance at happiness.

Until her.

Maggie thought their love could overcome anything. Clay thought she was all he needed to fix his messy life.

That together, they could face the world.

But the darkness is always waiting.

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to true love is within yourself.


Heather’s Thoughts:

Find You in the Dark is the story of two high school seniors who find love. They ignite and burn bright together, hoping to chase away the darkness that threatens to eat them up from the inside out.

Maggie is as average as average gets. She is the only child of an accountant and a librarian. Her two best friends have been around forever. Maggie just has to get through senior year and she is off to college.

One morning on her way to school, Maggie is running late and literally runs into the brooding and gorgeous new guy in school, Clayton Reed. He is the new transfer student. He is absolutely stunning to look at but every time he opens his mouth he spews nothing but anger. Unfortunately for Maggie, she takes the brunt of his anger. Clay pretty much ignores everyone else.

Soon, Maggie befriends Clay and discoverers that the thing he is hiding is a darkness deep inside himself.

They become close friends and spend more and more time together. As Clay begins to trust Maggie more, he lets her in on his past and slowly tells her about the depths of his problems. Clay falls for Maggie, she becomes the only light in his darkness.

Clayton becomes a bit obsessed with Maggie and she with him. There attraction is intense and they find it hard to be apart. Maggie finds out that Clayton’s family, while wealthy and influential, is quite cold and uncaring. Clay is not used to being able to rely on anyone. He is sure that Maggie is going to figure him out and bolt any minute.

Maggie discovers the darkness that Clay is hiding goes much deeper than she had ever imagined.

Clayton vacillates between a sweet and adoring boyfriend, and an angry and destructive force of nature.

Maggie begins to isolate herself from her family and friends when she is unable to confide in them about Clay and his problems. Clay becomes increasingly irrational and jealous. Her friends and family see this and become concerned about Maggie. What she can’t tell them is that Clay is on a fast track of self destruction and she is staying on board with him. When Clay’s past comes back into his life, Clay spirals out of control. Maggie is determined to save him no matter what the cost. The problem is that Clay may be too lost for even Maggie.

This book was really well written and really realistic. It was painful to see Maggie’s descent into Clay’s madness. I felt a roller coaster of emotion. It ends with a bit of a cliffhanger and I will definitely be reading on to see what happens with Clay and Maggie. The story is told from Maggie’s perspective. She is such a bright young woman who has so much potential. Clay wants so much to just be normal for a change.

The letter at the end… it just about did me in. *sigh*

4 Gut-wrenching Stars.



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