Ravaged by the Raptor, by Christie Sims

Ravaged By the Raptor

Paola was the first born in her family, and by the laws of her country, would receive a free education at the university located in the capital. However, her family decides to send her eldest brother, one year her junior, in her stead. She’s outraged by her father’s decision, but has little choice in the matter.

The beautiful, buxom girl must now tend the farm like the rest of her family, feeding the animals, tending the crops, and protecting their land from hungry predators, like foxes, wolves, and the occasional dinosaur.

Life is absolutely bland until Paola comes face to face with a velociraptor! She thinks the beast will leap at her and tear her flesh with its powerful claws. However, the creature has more carnal desires that it wishes to fulfill.

Warning: This is a tale of monster sex. Read at your own risk.


Sammy Loves Books’ Review

The Annual Halloween Monster Sex Gangbang begins!!!

4.25 Kinky Jurassic Stars 

I knew things were gonna go wrong when Paola’s brother yelled at her to,

“Go fuck a raptor”

sexy raptor

What a very interesting story of beautiful, young Paola, the first born to a family of farmers. The setting for this book is on a planet that in inhabited by Dinosaurs. Their farm is surrounded by tall electric fences that keep the predators out.


The first born of each family is guaranteed a free college education, provided by the government. And Paola has been dreaming of getting off this farm and making something more of herself. Only mom and dad have other plans. They intend to send her brother and have her manage the farm. The farm that she Hates!!!

Paola gets a little horny and calls her ex “hook up” over for a little action. There is all kinds of foreshadowing in this book that makes it a little predictable. Like the mentioning of how the electric gate HAS to be left on at all times to keep the dinosaurs out!!!

Perhaps because she’d been raised with animals, Paola easily accepted animals, including people, had natural base desires. Fucking was normal and natural…

Paola comes back from her trist unsatisfied and in deep shit with dad for not feeding the animals. As she steps out of the bloodied and ravaged chicken coup, she hears a sound that could only be a Velociraptor!!!

Only this raptor has had his fill of chicken….now, he is in the mood for LOVE!!!

love raptor

It was clumsy but keen in its exploration. As it crept higher …she realized the dinosaur was trying to mate with her

So ask yourself, if you were in this situation, What Would You Do?


Any of the Above options would be what Paola chose. But don’t judge her…
Raptors are intelligent and skilled in the art of seduction…

pole raptor

If you were hoping for a Dinosaur Love Match with a HEA. You can forget it!!!

Cause this is Monster Sex!!!

beach raptor

You’ll have to read this one for yourself to see how it all ends.

My Favorite Quote from this book:

The last thing she needed was her entire clan appearing to witness what was probably the filthiest and kinkiest sex act she’d been part of.


No Raptors were harmed during the production of this review


This Halloween Monster Sex Gangbang Challenge continues with…
The Goblin Between Her Thighs


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I believe in living life to the fullest! Goodreads and Reading Haven provide a wonderful forum for discussing books. I have been exposed to amazing novels and authors I would have never known existed. Books are my favorite form of entertainment and I love writing reviews. I mostly enjoy Paranormal and Historical Romances but have recently broadened my tastes to include Dark Erotica and Gay Romance. I'll read any type of love story if a good friend recommends it to me. Recently, I discovered that I enjoy book editing. It's a hobby of mine actually. When I'm not curled up with a book you may find me swimming. I enjoy wine tasting, football, horror and action flicks. I'm tactfully honest with a wicked sense of humor. I believe in treating people with respect and love. I very rarely will give a book 5 stars unless it Wows me and just knocks me off my feet!! Occasionally, however, I will review Monster erotica books and I use a different rating system for those books. Monster erotica can not be judged against, or even compared to Romance novels. 5 Star monster erotica means it was highly erotic (made me want to be the heroine) and very well written/edited. 4 Star monster erotica is steamy but does not melt your panties. It is also well written/edited. 3 Stars means I enjoyed it, but the erotica was not very stimulating. The writing may not have flowed smoothly. 2 star monster erotica is usually very elementary in plot and world building. The sex is not erotic and the love scenes are short and non descriptive. 1 star monster erotica is torturous to read. The monster may stink, the sex is horrendous or painful, and the writing is often bad, with poor or no editing. So when you see a 5 star rating on a monster sex book, just know that scale has a Very different standard. Follow My Reviews at http://readinghaven.me
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  1. I love this review. Great job Sammy!

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