Hellhound (Hellhound #1) by Rue Volley

Hellhound (Hellhound #1)
by Rue Volley

Halo Bay has had nothing but bad luck with men her whole life, from a cheating High School boyfriend to the abusive one she just stabbed through the eye. Fatally wounded from her last fight with him she falls unconscious, only to wake in purgatory with two choices before her. Sew her own eyes and mouth shut and wander around purgatory for an eternity, or, follow an extremely hot man, by the name of Gunner, to Hell. There she will train to be a “Hellhound”, a hunter of all things nasty that escape Hell and go topside. Only with this can they try to redeem themselves and possibly gain their freedom. Settling into her new life as a HELLHOUND is almost easier than the amazing love affair just starting to grow between her and Gunner. His inability to open up and her problems with trust tend to make things difficult. Not to mention, she has another who admires her, the Prince of Fire himself, Lucifer. Halo becomes frustrated and makes a fatal mistake that could cost her everything.

The only motto a Hellhound has is HUNT. KILL. SURVIVE.

This is a work of FICTION, historical references are MADE UP. That is the beauty of any fictional tale.


Heather’s Thoughts:

The story line was interesting. The characters were a somewhat brooding and predictable. There were a few grammatical errors, but overall, I still liked it. I was entertained and I found myself reading through to the end. The writer has a talent for creating worlds that are interesting and developing a plot that kept me going.

This is the story of Halo. She is young but she finds herself living a shell of a life. She is with an abusive man who cheats and is rotten to the core. She doesn’t know how to leave, so she endures. One night things get out of hand and Halo ends up on the wrong end of a knife.

She soon discovers that even though she was a victim in her life, she was also guilty of grave sins.

When she is judged and sent to Hell, she knows what she has done and accepts her fate.

Little does she know that she is about to be sent back to Earth to redeem herself in the form of a Hellhound. She will hunt down and kill demons and others who have escaped from Hell and are wreaking havoc on the world. Halo meets her team and comes face to face with Gunner. She is immediately drawn to him but he is cold and aloof.

So when the attraction becomes too much to resist, they fall hard…

They go full speed ahead and the sparks fly.

But Gunner has to pay for caring. He is a Hellhound who must not be allowed to feel things like hope and joy and love. So when Halo starts to fall for him, he pushes her away.

But he doesn’t know Halo. She is more than just another pretty face. She is a warrior.

Overall, this one was a three star read for me. I liked it but I didn’t love it. It was fairly short at 146 pages. In that short amount of book I got an amazing visual of the world created by the author. I enjoyed the characters even if the story was a bit predictable at times. I think this series has promise and I will likely read on.

3 Stars!



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