Climax by Sexxa Kohl

by Sexxa Kohl

If you’d asked me what I thought I’d be doing at twenty-two, it certainly wouldn’t be taking my clothes off for complete strangers. The world sees me as a whore and a worthless piece of trash. No one would ever believe that I am still a virgin, waiting to find love. I think I can easily say that I don’t think love is ever going to be finding me at Club Climax.

I give the crowd what they want. For the next two and half minutes, I dance, undress, shake my ass, and slide up and down the metal pole. I am in complete control while I am up here on this stage. The dancers make the rules at this place. That is except for the room in the far back, known as Ultimate Climax. It is the one place where all power is surrendered; the one place in this club that I said I’d never go, no matter how desperate I got. The price is just too high for me, and I refuse to sell myself to the highest bidder. I cannot afford to lose the only thing I have left… My control.

Sometimes, the day comes when we have to do the things that we said we would never do. For me, that day is here. I take a deep breath, grab the door handle, and know that once I walk through that door, my whole life will forever change.

Little did I know just how much it actually would.


Heather’s Thoughts:

This one was a serious disappointment for me. What started off as a promising twist on a romance, turned into a trite and clichéd novel about strippers and stalkers. Harsh, I know, but my opinion none-the-less.

Climax is about a young woman who is a stripper. Her stage name is Raven. She is young and smart and a “good girl” virgin. So why is she stripping? Because her mother is sick and she needs the money for medical treatment.

So one night while Raven is pole dancing…in walks Jaxxon. With two xx’s because he is that sexxy!

She sees him and there is just something about him that catches her eye. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to this mysterious man she has only caught glimpses of in a darkened bar… So when he pursues her, she turns him down. What, you thought she’d say yes? Ok, so maybe she does. Here is where it starts to get creepy. She agrees to sleep with him for a LARGE sum of money. But she is afraid to tell him she is a virgin. WTF?

So when they finally do the deed, he has a rather bizarre reaction to this discovery.

Jaxxon takes it upon himself to save Raven and her mother. But the catch is, she can’t know who he is. So she is only allowed to see him with a blindfold on. She has zero knowledge of him, yet he knows every minute detail about her.

He basically takes over her life, all from behind the scenes. In the bedroom, he shows her how depraved he can truly be. A few times he does some very unusual things.

So what the hell was she doing with this guy???

Raven is smart, but she lets herself get caught up in a whirlwind “romance” that could destroy her life and her mother’s. So what the hell was she thinking. There were many WTF moments. The sex was good for the most part. The scenes were hot, with one exception. But I just couldn’t buy this story. It was just too out there for me. Jaxxon was an absolute creeper IMO. I am not a big fan of insta-love, unless there is some paranormal element to explain it. I am also not a big fan of the one-sided relationship. He was totally sucked in by her and he fell for her but she knew NOTHING about him. She didn’t even know what he looked like.

I am giving this one two stars. It was just ok for me. I finished it and that says something. I must have enjoyed it on some level. My opinion is just that, my opinion. There were many others who enjoyed this book. It just wasn’t great for me. So if you are up for a challenge to your imagination, read on!

2 Stars.



About Reading Haven

I am a thirty something wife and mother of two. I read in all of my free time. I can't remember the last time I chose to watch television. I would prefer reading or hanging out online24/7 but one must pay the bills, thus my day job. I like UF but lately have been exploring more erotica and adult romance novels. I love a good Alpha male and I am not afraid of the dark stuff. I like historical romance as well. Sometimes I go for the YA stuff. I'm a sap for a good love story. I prefer a HEA (insert unicorns, rainbows and kittens). Genres I will read: Contemporary Romance and some Historical Romance, Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, and Paranormal Romance.
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