Room 212 by Kate Stewart

Room 212
by Kate Stewart
In every life there is always that…one.

Twenty-one year old Laura Sedgwick is a rebel without a cause. Her only plans for life are to make no plans. She revels in her fascination of the unexpected as she navigates her way through mid -1990’s Dallas nightlife. One very bad night brings her face to face with the one man likely to change her mind about…well…everything.

Twenty-three year old Seth Whitaker has every intention of seeing through with his well mapped out life. He is a hard working over-achiever that has no intentions of slowing his pace for anyone. With a fierce determination to not let life pass him by without taking a huge bite, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the one distraction that could keep him from his best laid plans. Little did he know his determination to keep his life on track would be the very thing to trigger the events that change the course of both their lives.

In this life she had only done one thing right…

and she was his only chance at salvation.



Heather’s Thoughts:

This book spans fourteen years and we get a look at what happens when two worlds collide. Laura is a free spirit with a huge personality. She doesn’t really follow the rules and she doesn’t apologize for it. She sees something in Seth that he doesn’t see in himself.

Seth is the college boy who is on the path to success. He has a plan and he is bound and determined to follow it. He plans to make something of his life.

When Seth and Laura come together, they ignite. The love and the tenderness that is brought out in both of them made me long for that first true love feeling.

But fate has other plans for this pair… Seth sets his sights high and Laura is not in the cards.

When Laura sets our on her own, she tries to find love again, but Seth was the one that got away. So when he comes knocking on her door, she has to take a chance.

Seth is not the boy he used to be. He is a man now and he is no longer afraid to go after what he wants.

Laura is not the same free spirit that she used to be either. She knows that giving in to her desires could cause her more pain that she could withstand.

This was one of those books that sticks with you for a long time. I read it a while ago and I am just now getting back to my review. I hope that I do this one justice because it was really an amazing book. I adored the characters and my heart broke for Laura. I wanted her to find her happily ever after.

The chemistry between these two was so amazing. They were very different people but somehow they worked. The writing on this one was amazing. I can not believe that this was a debut novel. Seriously, it was amazingly well written. The dialogue was great the pacing was good, the characters were so well-developed. I just adored this book. I got into it and I felt for them. The only thing that knocked it down a bit for me was that it started to get a bit too religious for me. If you don’t mind that, then you will love this story. I can’t tell you too much but I must say that this one is definitely worth your time.

4.5 Stars!


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