Review Requests

Would you like us to review your book?

**We are currently not accepting new review requests. Our sincerest apologies, but we are just a tad busy at the moment. We will be back in January 2015!!!**

If you are an author and are interested in having us review your book please fill out he form below. We are happy to consider your book for review but please be aware that we will not accept every book that is submitted for several reasons.

1) We will not review books outside of our genres. If we wouldn’t ordinarily read it, why would we review it. (Our genres: Romance, New Adult Romance, Erotica, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Gay Romance, Historical Romance Romantic Comedy and Romantic Suspense. ~ Basically anything with romance in it!)

2) I won’t read and review a book that doesn’t sound interesting to me. It may be a good book, but if for some reason it doesn’t pull me right away, you probably wouldn’t get great feedback and it is better for us to just pass on it.

3) While I would love NOTHING more than to read full time and get paid for it, I don’t. Sammy and I are both employed full time with families at home. Our time is limited and we probably won’t have time to review every book that is submitted.

So, while we will make every effort to give you a fair shot at getting reviewed, it may not happen. That doesn’t mean that you didn’t write a killer book. It just means we couldn’t or chose not to review it.

We thank you for asking us and consider it a huge privilege to be asked.


If you would like your book to be considered, please fill out he form below. It is helpful if you post the genre and your book blurb so we know what it is about. We will contact you if you are selected. Thank you again and best wishes on your writing success!

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